Author: Wendy Marcus

Mediocre Moms Need Helpful Husbands 0

Mediocre Moms Need Helpful Husbands

This weekend, I, like many other women in America, saw the movie “Bad Moms”. It clearly resonated with a lot of women, as the Facebook groups have been buzzing about it all weekend. My...


Why Redshirting Is Ridiculous

For those of you unfamiliar with the term “redshirting”, it refers to (in the educational arena) holding back children who are of elementary age an additional year to ostensibly give them time to grow...

Mediocre Moms Don't Age Gracefully 1

Mediocre Moms Don’t Age Gracefully

This week I turned forty.  That’s right; I have graced the earth with my presence for four decades.  In all seriousness, part of me does not comprehend the gravity of that number.  When I...