Author: Wendy Marcus

Putting the Me in Mediocre Parenting 1

Putting the “Me” in Mediocre Parenting

Ironically, my generation was labeled the “me” generation, because allegedly we were selfish and self-absorbed.  It’s ironic because if you look at the current parenting trends, at least with regards to our children, we...


More Kids Equals More Mediocrity

If you want to perform an interesting case study, go to any park or play-place one morning.  You will see all different kinds of moms. (For the record, you will also see dads too. ...

Why Motherhood Needs A New Superhero 1

Why Motherhood Needs A New Superhero

As any mother can tell you, they don’t need to go far online to feel inferior.  There are dozens of blogs, articles, and parenting sites all providing “helpful” advice about how to be the...